How to open a door

Opening a door is a simple task to most but even if you don't quite get it you will after reading this tutorial on how to open a door . if you don't know how to read please use this other website and come back.

door knob

Doors can be hard to open like a door with a door knob. The circumstances may place you at odds with the mighty door. Do not get violent. remember doors are friendly and harmless unless provoked so always respect your doors.

Doors are to first be identified if the door has no knob then it may be a wall. If a door has no knob it may be a sliding door in which case in will automatically open or will have to be pushed from the side. There should be a place to grip around halfway up the door near the side.When opening a manual sliding door make sure to get a firm grip with your hands and to use your fingers always slide in the opposite direction from the longer part of the door.

push door

If the door has a knob you must then categories that knobs under one of these two types

  1. Turning- the handle looks similar to example A and can be turned
  2. Pushing or pulling - the handle looks similar to example B and can be pushed or pulled

If a door knob doesn't match either of these please read ahead and test the methods of opening other than in the examples.

For turning doors there should be a knob on both sides either will allow you to open the door so pay the side your on no mind. Turn the knob of the door clockwise and pull towards yourself if that doesn't work turn it clockwise again and push if neither of those work then turn it counterclockwise and true the other techniques again.

Turning knobed door example

For pushing doors there should be no knob it could only be handlebars or metal push plates. When opening the door if there are push pads, please try to push the door and if there are handlebars grip them firmly and pull tourdes yourself if that doesn't work try to push the handles away from yourself.

Pushing/pulling door example

If the door doesnt work or is lacking a knob then check if the door has these problems